Watch how the 10,000-acre UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserve System is making a real-world impact

Laysan Island 1971

Reviving field research with living laboratories and outdoor education

7 minute read | During the late 1940s, field research sites were quickly being overrun by development until one daring solution created the world's largest Natural Reserve System

Photo of Año Nuevo

Detecting dialects in elephant seals

SF Chronicle, 3 minute watch | Marine scientists at Año Nuevo Natural Reserve explain the evolving language of elephant seals, the world’s largest pinnipeds

High Impact Research

Photo of Saturn's rings

Physical Sciences

ApJ Waves in Saturn's rings give precise measurement of planet's rotation rate

SDSS | MaNGA data release includes detailed maps of thousands of nearby galaxies

CBC Radio | Upper-ocean warming is changing the global wave climate, making waves stronger

Scientific American | Caught in the act—astronomers get their best look yet at a supernova blowing up

Photo of Katie Harding

Biological Sciences

PNASOcean fertilization by unusual microbes extends to frigid waters of Arctic Ocean

Popular Mechanics | Why you should have heart surgery in the afternoon

PLOS ONE | Idled farmland presents habitat restoration opportunities in San Joaquin Desert

Mercury Scientists listen to the sounds of ‘silence’ in Monterey Bay

KION | Research on 'Sea Star Wasting Disease' done with Monterey Bay starfish

High Impact Scientists

Photo of Francis Nimmo

Planetary scientist Francis Nimmo honored by Royal Astronomical Society

Photo of Jeremy Sanford

Biologist Jeremy Sanford awarded prestigious $1.85 million grant from NIH

Photo of UC Santa Cruz Chemistry hat

Chemistry faculty among highly cited researchers

Photo of Arnold Klemola

In Memoriam: Arnold Klemola (1931–2019)

Klemola was an expert in precision measurements of stellar positions and motions. He will be remembered for his kindness, careful work, and generosity throughout his distinguished scientific career.

Student Success

Photo of graduate symposium

Undergraduate scholars selected for Koret/First-Gen research program

The farmer physicist: A graduate student looks for belonging inside and outside academia

New Technology

Photo of IRMS

NSF funds innovative stable isotope equipment at UC Santa Cruz

Photo of gamma ray telescope pSCT

Scientists to inaugurate a new type of gamma ray telescope at Whipple Observatory

Research Awards

Robert LokeyChemistry & Biochemistry
NIH/NCCIH | Development of innate immunity cytological profiling to rapidly annotate the mechanism of action for new anti-inflammatory drug discovery

Jin Zhang, Chemistry & Biochemistry
NSF | I-Corps: Hollow metal nanoparticles: Improving the sensitivity of lateral flow assays

Colleen Reichmuth, Institute of Marine Sciences
US Navy/Facilities Engineering CommandBehavioral assessment of auditory sensitivity in Hawaiian monk seals

Eric DannerInstitute of Marine Sciences
USDI/Bureau of ReclamationLife-Cycle Modeling Project

Adina Paytan, Institute of Marine Sciences
NSF | Urbino summer school in paleoclimatology NSF support for 2019 U.S. graduate student participation

Make Your Impact

Poppies in Big Creek

Preserve the magic. For nature. For research. Forever.

Rooted in research and dedicated to inquiry-based education, our 10,000-acre Natural Reserve System provides unparalleled field experiences for more than 5,000 students each year and informs real-world decisions for the health of our planet. You can make your impact on this critical work today.



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